Financial Planning Overview

Accountability in your financial journey


Financial Assessment

Your financial planning needs are relevant only because you have life goals that matter more.  These “ends” become the natural starting point in our relationship.

We begin with a financial snapshot of your current situation.  This comprises information on what you own, owe, earn and spend. This often forms the foundational act upon which trust is built, enabling us to move forward with a tacit understanding of goals, priorities and preferences.

Our fee-based compensation ensures that adequate attention is given to matters of attitude and emotions that invariably color the way you view life, risks and returns.  Because LPA’s advisers are not commission paid for products sold, our advice serves only to meet your best interest and needs.


Catastrophic Scenarios

No one welcomes trials and tribulations.  Yet, none of us are spared testing experiences in life’s journey. Accepting the inevitability of uncertainty requires the exercise of prudence.

Squarely facing the potential threats in life’s journey, we assess your needs in circumstances such as income-loss, accidents, illnesses, disabilities and death.  The options to manage and mitigate these risks are examined and where appropriate, the cost effectiveness of transferring some risk to an insurance company is evaluated.


Living Scenarios

Even though we prepare for trials in life, we do hope for the best.  A key part of our planning process involves projecting forward to a future where your goals are fully attained.

This process includes the formulation of an investment plan to meet your financial goals (eg. sustainable retirement income), while managing investment risks, returns, inflation, and healthcare needs.

Our experienced advisory team is equipped with an in-depth understanding of financial instruments that can be blended to best suit your risk appetite and capacity.  From a pure equity-based portfolio of undervalued, dividend yielding companies, to diversified funds that give us exposure to the global markets, segments, and industries, your LPA advisory team will tailor an investment portfolio that best suits you.

Find realistic and pragmatic ways to quantify your savings and investment goals through our proprietary financial models, meeting needs like tertiary education and retirement income funding.


Legacy planning

Legacy planning is often thought of as creating significant wealth to pass on to the next generation after your demise.  We are convinced that such transfer of wealth without wisdom is futile and lays the foundation for future heartache.

Crucial to the wealth transfer process must also be the impartation of sound values to the next generation.  While philanthropy and generosity are outcomes of legacy planning, its driving force is recognition that wealth is power, and that the influence of power requires responsibility to others who are marginalised or in need.

Without wisdom, wealth ruins lives.

Wealth transfer is easily dealt with by the stroke of a pen.  Wisdom transfer needs intentional mentoring, coaching and counselling.  LPA partners with you through this.

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