From The CEO's Desk

The Stewardship Alignment Journey begins…

I bring exciting news – we are ready to invite you to embark on the Stewardship Alignment Journey! Mentioned at the December 2022 gathering at the Asian Civilization Museum, we invested a great deal of prayer and thought in 2023 to innovate a service that aims to align your finances to your values. See our launch video here …..

Through our Family Values Workshop, you and your spouse will be guided through a process of values discovery. Because this is in specific relation to your own family, it promises a unifying and clarifying experience. These values in turn, inform the vision the family strives towards, translating how your stewarded resources are deployed in celebration of those values. A tailored version of the workshop for singles is in the works and will be rolled out soon!

The Journey is enriched through intentional application of concepts, processes, and instruments which left unguided, will likely be given only passing regard. Coached and advised however, we integrate this into the Journey making it more valuable.

Hong Ngee and I experienced the value of a guided walk when we concluded our five-day hike with our loved ones through Milford Sound recently. Read about it in our blog: The Finest Walk in the World!.

Investment Update

Our diversified investment portfolios are proving resilient in uncertain markets. With expectations of lowering interest rates by the Fed, financial markets have rallied lifting substantially the market values of investments made through the Dimensional and DPMS funds on the iFAST platform.

Meanwhile, the proof that our portfolio is diversified is in how US-China geo-politics continues to dampened Chinese related markets. This has kept the net asset value of the Ascending Steward Asia Fund weak eventhough the fundamentals of the companies are sound and even strengthening.

In discussion with Benjamin Ng, fund manager of the ASAF, we have agreement to make 2% dividend payment in the first half of this year. This dividend is more than adequately supplied by the underlying dividends received by the fund and the net gains from profit taking during the year. More information on this will follow soon.

– Winston Chong