Champions For Family

Focus on the Family visited LPA to present Winston with the Champions for Family plaque for 2023. LPA has been a fervent supporter of Champions for Family for many years, and we firmly stand behind what Focus on the Family do to educate, support and promote the family and the family relationships that have brought peace and progress to nations around the world, including Singapore.  

During the visit, Martin and his team shared with us some of the interesting programs they have run including the 8-month-long FamChamps Camp and various Date Night events and the impact they have had on youths and couples respectively. They also shared about the challenges to show the results of their programs as many of them require years to see the long-term benefits take shape; So they brought a volunteer who also happened to be a benefactor of FamChamps Camp many years ago to share his testimony of how FamChamps brought people into his life as a young person that mentored him and helped him gain  the strength and the skills to encourage his family of 3 siblings and parents when they went through difficult times. 

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Emerging from the pandemic, the digital sphere has inevitably become an integral part of our lives. While social media and digital communication have their merits, nothing can replace the power of face-to-face interactions and meaningful connections, especially within the family. Focus on the Family Singapore is committed to step up efforts to strengthen marriages and parent-child relationships by providing timely resources and accessible services to families. We invite you to come alongside us to sow into these efforts so that Family continues to be the foundational building block of society in Singapore.

About Focus on the Family Singapore

Focus on the Family Singapore Limited is a local Christian charity with Institution of a Public Character (IPC) dedicated to helping families thriveSM. Recognising the challenges and disruptions in our increasingly digitised world, we seek to bring families closer by encouraging and equipping youth and individuals from all backgrounds towards strong and resilient relationships, starting at home.