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A Christmas Carol - A Timeless Gem

December 2023

As 2023 draws to a close, no one has been spared the uncertainty and concerning developments ranging from climate change to political uncertainty. As much as we’ve all tried to revert back to normal living, we’re realizing that life isn’t quite the same as before. The world has changed, and we have little influence over it.

God’s Story+ Our Story | Financial Freedom in Christ by Winston Chong @ City Community Church 

Our thoughts in response to the latest development…

Rumors of my impending retirement are grossly exaggerated…

Understanding Bear Markets

The Certainty of Uncertainties of 2020

Paradigm-Shifting Thoughts from 2019

N5 – Navigating Through a Perfect Financial Storm (34:46 min) 

Building Resilience in Recovery (7:45 min)

The Experience Economy

Penny-Wise Pound-Foolish