Cancer Drug List

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In 2020, the MediShield Life Council conducted a review of the MediShield Life scheme. One key finding was that the cost of cancer treatment in Singapore has been rising at a rapid rate.

To tackle the rising cost of cancer treatment, the Ministry of Health introduced the Cancer Drug List (CDL) which is a list of clinically proven and cost-effective cancer treatments – only cancer treatments on the CDL will be covered under MediShield Life (MSHL). 

In this video, we will highlight the key features of the CDL, explain how it might affect you and recommend ways to enhance your cancer coverage.  

Topics Covered:

  • What is the Cancer Drug List?
  • How does the Cancer Drug List help mitigate the rising cost of healthcare?
  • What does CDL cover?
  • How does the Integrated Shield Plan Riders complement the CDL?

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