My husband and I needed guidance in relation to the handling of our finances, and were glad when we were introduced to LPA. Over the past 15 years or so, LPA has provided great help and guidance in managing our finances. We've been impressed enough to recommend LPA to many of our friends.

We value LPA’s Christian-based approach in managing financial resources. They have encouraged us to take a long-term view in planning investment decisions so as to build a broad base to secure future income. Because of them, we are reminded to view wealth accumulation as faithful and responsible stewards, using what we can afford to invest for the future, and not be driven by quick gains. My husband and I appreciate how their partnership with us has been supported by good processes as well as steadfast efforts to build a relationship based on trust and common values.

I was referred to LPA's services by a relative and was pleasantly surprised with the way they responded and helped me with my financial situation.  They were very genuine and sincere in their approach, making recommendations that were best aligned to my needs at that point of time.  With their help, I secured a substantial payout from an insurance plan which had lapsed and considered a write-off.  That came about after their professional analysis and liaison with the insurer to ensure a favorable outcome for me.  Very thankful for their continuous support!

For nearly two decades, LPA has advised me on my financial planning needs. I like their approach to good solid long term investing in selected equities and bonds– identifying and shortlisting good quality companies with strong balance sheets, healthy cash flows, low to comfortable borrowings, a good management team with long term track record. This usually translates to consistent performance and attractive dividends, opportunities for growth with lower risk threshold and often with attractive net valuations (which has the potential over time to unlock and realize value as appropriate). Key to empowering LPA to do all the legwork for analysis with regular updates and recommendations has reduced my risk of losses and over many years this has enabled me to enjoy a range of positive financial returns. Over the years my portfolio with LPA has performed satisfactorily and to my personal expectations. More importantly, the work of LPA which includes life and medical insurance protection and legacy matters has helped to give me peace of mind and allowed me the financial freedom to make a wide range of choices for many years as well as how I wish to spend the rest of my retirement years.

Winston and his team have been advising us on our finances and investments since 2012.   We have found him and his team to be knowledgeable, consistently demonstrating strong levels of expertise which draws on considerable successful experience. Everyone at LPA evidence high ethical standards.  We trust them and the way they work.  They are very responsive to our queries and requests, deploying technology to facilitate their service.  Their advice is tailored to our individual needs, and is given with clarity and patience. We highly recommend the services of LPA.

I am grateful for the great advice and guidance both Winston and Hong Ngee have separately helped me with through the past many years.  Their individual professionalism has had a tremendous impact in effectively managing the wealth and risk aspects of my life.  Having them both come together in LPA is a great synergistic step.  As a client, it represents a huge value-added move to service me with an expanded team of professionals within a strong organisation that is well led with a clear purpose that has my interest at heart.

Professional and applies Godly principles to financial management.