How We're Different

We are not…

  • Bank Relationship Managers
  • Tied Insurance Agents
  • Investment Managers
  • Rational Economic Man


We are…

  • Financial Advisers
  • Objective Financial Advisers
  • Advocates to achieve your goals
  • Behavioral Guides

Valuing the Highest

Financial advisory services are not one and the same. Consciously or otherwise, each adviser chooses to be somewhere on the continuum of the Experience or Value economy.    

When Pines and Gilmore published The Experience Economy in 1999, they laid the groundwork helping us decipher where each adviser chooses to stand in the financial advisory market.  

At the bottom left corner of their Product Differentiation vs Price/Value matrix, we find players who have the lowest differentiation and cost. These tend to be internet platform providers (funds and insurance aggregators) that charge a very low fee using an online platform. Using their tools, you come away believing your financial needs have been assessed personally, when in reality you have been “best fitted” into their templates. The low cost (therefore revenue to them) is mitigated by their goal to access a large market.

As greater differentiation is offered, greater value is added.   This results in an increasingly unique and customized experience for clients.   Note how bank relationship managers (RMs), roadshow insurance agents, non-tied financial advisers, private bankers and high-producing insurance agents fit in.   The higher in the value economy you move, the more customized the experience becomes.  Often this correlates directly to your ascending financial commitment with them.

While financial services at their very peak can offer highly personalised and memorable experiences for clients, LPA seeks to offer something beyond that.  We believe that the ultimate experience cannot be about outdoing tangible VIP comforts and luxuries, but be about becoming someone of much greater worth.  This is an intangible outcome that is rooted in client transformation.   That outcome is unique and non-reproducible because of the unique nature of each client.  It is the ultimate outcome we seek, because beyond the glitter of assets and possession is that better “me” that no money can buy.

As your guides, we work with you towards a certain kind of freedom that transcends financial metrics.  Beyond yields and capital returns we unearth that innate joy derivable only when we take hold of what lasts forever.

What Differentiates Our Services from the Rest

We are not... Bank Relationship Managers

Our advisory team has no sales quota and is fully focused on addressing your goals.  Because your financial journey is more akin to a marathon than a sprint, we pace you to finish well.  We seek investments in fundamentally sound entities and avoid short term position taken for quick gains.  Borrowings must withstand the test of prudence.

We are not... Tied Insurance Agents

We source the most suitable product for your needs, regardless of the provider and represent your interest by negotiating the most favourable terms for you.  Critically, we educate you on the benefits and limitations of your insurance plans.  Our earned commission is fully disclosed but never a factor in assessing suitability.

We are not... Investment Managers

With a focus on fulfilling your goals, we design and build an investment portfolio that is value-based with cognizance to asset quality, liquidity, debt, business outlook and governance issues for each investment.  Our experience validate the soundness of value investing, especially when coupled with a sensible exposure to growth and special situations.  We avoid market timing as an investment strategy.

Because achieving your goals are our priority, we regard index performance benchmarking as a distraction.

By mapping out the key seasons in your life, we build a robust income stream through various sources including annuities, interest, dividends, rental and capital gains.

We are not... Rational Economic Man

We do not attempt to extrapolate global developments in terms of its impact on your portfolio.  We overcome uncertainty by adhering to time-tested principles.   Focusing on your financial goals we blend your risk tolerance and capacity, guiding  you through the cycles of fear and greed.

Our Goal

Our end goal is not to maximise wealth accumulation but to deploy purposefully what you’ve painstakingly gained.  

Wealth accumulation is preoccupied with quick rewards and higher returns offering no long-term security because it rests on shifting trends and circumstances.  

On the other hand, a financial plan built on the solid foundations of stewardship, prudence, wisdom, and contentment amplifies calm even in rough conditions.  

Enduring peace of mind need not be elusive. It is taken captive when we have purposes beyond ourselves.