Illuminating Your Present
Securing Your Future

Life Planning Associates is a MAS Licensed Financial Adviser dedicated to the pursuit of financial freedom recognising that we are each stewards of all resources in our hands.   Through a comprehensive and transformative planning process, we journey with you while crafting a worthy legacy for the generations to come.

Valued Clients Webinar

Oct 2021


Valued Clients Webinar

May 2022

The LPA Financial Planning Journey

Catastrophic Scenario Planning

Providing for yourself and dependants responsibly in times of unforeseen financial trials.

Living Scenario Planning

Deploying your resources while navigating the financial jungle to meet your life goals.

Legacy Planning

Intentionally crafting a legacy worthy of passing on and committing to living it out.  

One day we will leave everything behind.  Since a man’s life does not consist of the abundance of his possessions, the pursuit of significance must outstrip accumulation. Embracing the mindset of a financial steward lays the foundation for a meaningful life.