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Life starts at 60, how long will funds last?

But governments need to be more sensitive to the effect it has on those who have stopped working and take measures to ensure that high growth doesn't erode real savings. If they don't, you can expect this silver-haired group to flex their political muscle at the ballot box.

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Singapore ranks world No. 4 in longevity

Singapore has the fourth-best life expectancy rate in the world, latest World Health Organisation (WHO) figures reveal. Average life expectancy at birth stood at 82 years in 2011, making it a joint fourth with Italy. Women here can expect to live to 85 and men to the age of 80.

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Planning to Shield yourself? Warning: High premiums ahead.

...recent research done by fee-based financial advisory Life Planning Associates (LPA) showed that the cost of premiums truly add up only after you retire.

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Grow Your Wealth Wisely

This complex product is a dual currency-linked investment product...Mr Ong added: "It's better to leave it to the experts. The returns that are advertised are usually annualised, so if you work it out, for a two-week investment, the returns are very low, and the downside potential is not limited, so investors could lose a lot more."

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Can We Live Long

A sobering speech by Mr Tan Chuan-Jin Minister of State (Manpower and National Development). " expectancy figures from the Department of Statistics (DOS) show that about 1 in 2 Singaporean residents aged 55 in 2010 (taking females and males together) will live to at least 85 years old, while 1 in 3 will live to 90 years or more. That is sobering..."

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